Bid Documents / Public Notice

Asphalt Bid Documents 2024 Scan02092024112003

Edgewood Storm Sewer Pipe Bid Doc 2024   Scan02202024123816


Illinois Street Storm Sewer 2023

2023 Illinois Street Storm Sewer Plans   Completion date September 15th

Design Special Provisions for Illinois St         DesignSpecialProvisions06082023121842

Bid Document:      IllinoisStormSewerBidDoc06082023121033

Curb Bid Document for Steuben 2023



2024 Bid Results for Asphalt & Milling

Bid documents from February 16th 2024 bid opening.  Scan02162024090021

2024 Bid results for Edgewood storm sewer pipe    

Bid documents from April 16th 2024 bid opening.    Scan04182024084422

2023 Bid results for Asphalt, Milling and Curb

Bid documents from March 15th bid opening Scan03152023113546











Public Notice

Before downloading any form below, please log into the link below and submit your contact information.  In the event there is an addendum to any form, we will be able to reach out to you and share the addendum.  Thank you for taking the time to submit a bid.

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Public Notice Asphalt 2024     Scan02092024104857

Public Notice Milling 2024       Scan02092024104410

Public Notice Storm Sewer Pipe     Scan02202024124255


Public Notice Curb 2023          Bid document-   Scan01302023114110     


Public Notice Storm sewer Illinois St 2023  Scan06082023123011